National Stroke Awareness Month

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National Stroke Awareness Month

The month of May is National Stroke Awareness month. Our physical therapist on Long Island at Advance at Home Physical Therapy want to make sure that the public knows all you need to know about strokes. Even though it is the fifth leading cause of death among people who live in the United States, there is a lot of people that don’t understand what causes a stroke or what treatment options may be available. It is our hope that the information we share can help inform those about stroke symptoms, what to do if you spot them, and the recovery process it entails. In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month, help us raise awareness.

Being that this month is National Stroke Awareness month, it is important to know the basics and what you can do to help those who are experiencing a stroke or trying to recover from one. When it comes to a stroke, there are many myths that tend to come up with the subject. Many believe that a stroke can’t be treated or prevented when really the opposite is true. About eighty-percent of strokes that occur within the United States are preventable, and at any time you see the warning signs of a stroke you should call 9-1-1 immediately. Doing so could save a life and reduce the severity of damage the individual might experience. Some warning signs of a stroke are:

  • One side of the face tends to droop
  • When raising both arms, one will drop
  • Speech will be slurred or impaired

When it comes to treating the side effects of a stroke, our physical therapist on Long Island at Advance at Home Physical Therapy knows that the recovery process will be a journey for our patients. With that being said, the treatment options available for an individual recovering from a stroke are focused on regaining control over the body. Whether by focusing on the performance of general tasks or fine-motor skills; physical therapy has been shown to help patients who have suffered a stroke tremendously. Even by properly stretching after a stroke can ensure that the muscles do not become tight or shorten, which will better allow the patient to recover from the symptoms that can occur.

If you have had a stroke or have any questions or concerns, please contact us today to see how our physical therapist on Long Island can help.

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