Poor Coordination: Why At Home Physical Therapy Can Help.

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Poor Coordination: Why At Home Physical Therapy Can Help.

Balance issues can make the most simple, mundane tasks, such as sitting in upright positions or standing still, quite a burden. These symptoms are especially present in older individuals; 75 percent of Americans over the age of 70 experience having “abnormal” balance. To make matters worse, these issues increase 30 percent in people who are age 80 and older. Poor coordination and maneuverability can result from strokes, stiffness and other factors. Physical therapy can not only help a patient recover from pain, but it can also offer increased mobility.

Unfortunately, for those who experience coordination issues, traveling to a physical therapist can be a daunting task and a choice that some may not be able to make. For that reason, at home physical therapy on Long Island is a great choice that offers plenty of conclusive results to help the patient.

Familiar Setting

Going out to a clinic regularly can be difficult for some patients. Also, the fear of falling down outside your comfort zone can add anxiety, which not only affects the mental aspect of physical therapy, but it curbs the progress of improving your health.  With at-home therapy, this allows any apprehension you may feel to vanish while giving the therapist an idea of how the patient lives, and what changes can be made to expedite the healing process.

Detailed Treatment

A physical therapist is usually working with various patients simultaneously. While you may be at the clinic and receiving help, you also might not be getting the full treatment that’s necessary for the fastest recovery.  Having at home physical therapy on Long Island eliminates any distractions that would be present at clinics and grants that you’ll be given the most care possible to improve.


For a lot of patients, especially senior citizens, making an appointment to meet their physical therapists can be a problem, especially for those who have issues with their physical coordination. When rehabilitating at home, the pressure of traveling to your physical therapist dissolves, which allows you to put all of your energy to focus on your appointment.

Physical therapy helps patients recover from injuries and grow their confidence and strength back to where it used to be.  For those suffering from poor coordination, at home therapy on Long Island not only is a convenient remedy, but it wipes out the fear of falling and injuring one’s self in an unfamiliar environment. Advance at Home Physical Therapy serves patients living all over Long Island and Queens. Contact us today to get started!

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