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Physical Therapy and Poor Coordination

Each year, approximately one-third of Baby Boomers, who are ages 65 and older, suffer a fall that could cause dangerous injuries if they are not treated by professionals immediately. Based on these statistics, it is likely that a friend, family member, or yourself has experienced a serious fall within the last twelve months. If you are a Long Island or Queens resident seeking help in recovering from a fall, Advance At Home Physical Therapy is here for your support. Our team consists of trusted, fully qualified physical therapists, to not only treat the resulting injuries of the fall but to help train and condition a person to improve coordination and balance. With our help, the likelihood of another fall will greatly decrease.

Factors that can cause a fall are poor balance and coordination. These two components can be caused by any number of underlying conditions, such as muscle weakness, stiffness, vertigo, headaches, limited vision, and a stroke. By seeking our physical therapists, we will teach you how to best solve these issues to result in avoiding a harsh fall.

To begin, the client may wish to eliminate any of a fall’s biggest risk factors, including ill-fitting footwear, loose rugs, poor lighting, and obstacle-filled pathways.

Second, our physical therapists will assist you to reduce a fear of falling. Additionally, fixing any of the small adjustments listed above, we will help you notice that you are able to complete your daily tasks with more ease than before.

Lastly, our physical therapists will take advantage of your newfound confidence and encourage you to perform stretches and exercises that are designed to strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, and enhance your movement and flexibility. Common coordination and balance exercises include standing on one foot, walking on a balance beam, tossing a ball back and forth while standing, and incorporating side leg raises. Remember that all of these techniques will be done in an effort to refine your overall level of activity so that you will be able to reach your daily goals.

At Advance At Home Physical Therapy, we look forward to seeing our clients live a happy, safe, independent life that they choose to lead. Allow us to help you reach that goal by making an appointment today!

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