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Physical Therapy House Calls on Long Island

Ailments That Might Make Someone Homebound

For the most part, a patient’s doctor will form a decision if they should receive at home health care and physical therapy. Furthermore, Medicare labels a patient as homebound when they need assistance walking or exercising, as well as treatment before their specific illness becomes worse. For either option, there is no reason to be concerned because Advance PT is available to perform physical therapy house calls on Long Island for any patient in need.

Physical Therapy House Calls Could Help One Feel Better

When creating an appointment with a certified at home physical therapist, they will be sure to accommodate your needs and desires. Before organizing a schedule, they will assist you in preparing dates and times that are suitable for you. Upon arrival, they will discover a physical therapy plan to assure that you will return to a comfortable position and be on your feet in no time! For patients on Long Island, these are a few benefits of physical therapy house calls:

Convenience, especially for patients who are homebound and unable to drive

  • A more peaceful and familiar environment being that you are in your own home  
  • Personalized care, meaning that the attention is focused only on you as a patient
  • Faster progress because you are avoiding other patients in the office space

Benefits of Physical Therapy in General

When viewing physical therapy as a whole, it is essential to recognize how it can prepare one for a healthier life. By combining movement and function, physical therapy will truly help one progress and recover from an injury or illness. Whether a patient is receiving physical therapy house calls or just regular physical therapy treatment on Long Island, these advantages are vital to keep in mind:

  • Reduction or elimination of pain and suffering
  • The ability to avoid surgery
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Optimal recovery
  • Enhance balance and mobility while also preventing falls
  • Managing issues, diseases, or conditions

If you are interested in physical therapy house calls on Long Island and in Queens please call our team, Advance at Home Therapy, at (516) 399- 0051

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