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Physical Therapy for Muscle and Joint Injuries

In life, we all go about our day knowing that we’ll have to go from one place to another. Whether it means we have to go to work, go to the gym, walk the dog, or even something as simple as picking up the mail; we are all active in some regard. As we start to get older or more active, our muscles and joints will have a harder time keeping up, which will result in discomfort and pain. Our team at Advance at Home Physical Therapy in Nassau County understands how this discomfort could affect your daily routine and so we want to help you recover from any aches and pains you may have today!

Our muscles allow us to perform everyday tasks. Our bodies consist of thousands of muscle fibers that are formed into groups, with each group performing a specific function or movement. Sudden changes in activity or intensity could put too much stress on the muscle groups involved, which can lead to injury. Some common forms of muscle injuries are:

  • Strains: Occurs when the muscle fibers are torn or stretched.
  • Contusions: Occurs during or after an impact, blood pools around the area of impact and forms a bruise.
  • Ruptures: Occurs when the muscle fibers separate.

Our joints allow us to move from place to place with relative ease. Our joints also serve as shock absorbers for our bodies, as well as by bearing our body weight throughout the day which can take a toll on our bodies. When it comes to joint pain, as much as thirty-three percent of individuals in the United States have claimed to experience joint pain in some capacity within the past thirty days. Some common joint ailments are:

  • Osteoarthritis: Occurs from aging, obesity, or injury. It is often referred to as degenerative joint disease as a result of the wear and tear the joints experience over time. Symptoms include stiffness and pain in the affected area.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: Occurs when your own immune system attacks integral parts of your body. The lining of your joints is primarily affected from this mistake, which can cause painful swelling that can result in the erosion of your bones and joint deformity.
  • Gout: Occurs when uric acid crystals form within the joints. Symptoms occur suddenly, such as inflammation and sharp pain.

Advance at Home Physical Therapy in Nassau County offers a wide variety of treatment options for an expansive list of ailments. For most muscle related injuries, physical therapy can help with the acronym of RICE, (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), and by slowly strengthening the injured area. For joint pain, strengthening the muscle groups that surround the joints can help increase stability. If an individual is overweight, attempting to lose weight will relieve some stress on the joints as well. When it comes to exercising with joint pain, it is recommended to use low-impact methods of training, such as riding a bike, using an elliptical, or swimming in a pool.

If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain and have been unable to find relief, our team at Advance at Home Physical Therapy in Nassau County is here to help you today!   

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