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Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Living with arthritis can make your day difficult because of the pain and soreness that comes along with it. While it might seem like there’s not a lot you can do to combat your arthritis, there is a proven method to help you cope. Physical therapy has been a time trusted method to help with arthritis. If you are looking for a physical therapist on Long Island, Advance at Home Physical Therapy offers great services with amazing physical therapists to help you deal with your arthritis.

Working with a physical therapist can have a number of different benefits for those suffering from arthritis.

  • Physical therapy can help you strengthen your muscles, which will take some of the stress off your joints.
  • A physical therapist can show you the proper posture and mechanics that you should be doing to avoid pain throughout your day.
  • Physical therapy will allow you to increase or maintain your range of motion especially in the areas that are causing you pain from your arthritis.
  • Teach you the correct way to use walking aids such as a walker or a cane if you need one of these resources.
  • Offer you their expert opinion on which stretches, massages and different exercise techniques that will best help you deal with your arthritis.

Choosing the right physical therapist for you is also an important factor, you’ll want to find a physical therapist that understands your needs and is capable of helping you. At Advance at Home Physical Therapy, we are physical therapists on Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the boroughs of NYC and have a well trained and educated staff that is ready help you deal with your arthritis. If you are looking to make an appointment with a physical therapist on Long Island be sure to contact us today!

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