National Arthritis Awareness Month

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National Arthritis Awareness Month

Arthritis affects around 40 million people and is the number one disability in the United States. The entire month of May is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking treatment solutions for this disorder. Arthritis can affect the body in a number of different areas. Some of the common effects of arthritis is pain, limited range of motion, and decreased function in the area that the arthritis is affecting. There are a lot of great options for treatment and pain management that physical therapists recommend, and our team is no different. At Advance at Home Physical Therapy we provide at home physical therapy in Queens, and all throughout Long Island. Let us show you the effective methods for those dealing with arthritis pain.

One of the highly recommended options for people dealing with arthritis is walking. By just simply going out for a 20-30 minute walk a couple times a week, it can have a big effect on how your body feels. Since May is one of the warmer months, this is a great time to start making walking outside part of your daily routine. It can help lower the pain you experience from your arthritis as well as improve your quality of life as a whole.

Another effective method for dealing with arthritis is stretching exercises. Working with one of our physical therapists can significantly help ease the pain in the area of your arthritis, improve range of motion, and increase your flexibility and strength. Physical therapy can offer you effective and reliable exercises that will have a positive benefit on the pain you are enduring through arthritis.The unique feature about our services at Advance at Home Physical Therapy is that we will come to the comfort of your own home and work with you on what is needed to improve your quality of life. Arthritis can be a discouraging and uncomfortable disorder, however physical therapy can improve your symptoms significantly. Our at home physical therapy in Queens can be your next step to a more comfortable life.

The goal of National Arthritis Awareness month is to raise awareness for arthritis, as well as to allow for people to share their experiences in dealing with arthritis. At Advance at Home Physical Therapy, we have at home physical therapy in Queens to help those dealing with arthritis from the comfort of their own home. If you would like to learn more about us be sure to contact us today!

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