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Preventing Falls at Home

If you recently had a fall related injury, chances are that it was caused by issues with your
balance. Adults over the age of 70 have a higher risk of suffering from abnormal balance as
75% have been diagnosed with this condition. People who are more likely to fall are have
trouble keeping their body in an upright position. This can be caused by medical conditions,
pre-existing injuries, and lifestyle choices. Home care physical therapy has helped those living
on Long Island who are suffering from balance problems. By working with you to prevent this
from reoccurring, many Long Island residents have been able to return to the daily activities
they love.

Factors such as lack of activity, muscle weakness, and joint stiffness may indicate that you are
having issues with your balance. If you take medication for blood pressure or depression, talk to
your doctor as this can also cause you to have difficulty with your balance . Individuals with
arthritis, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis are also at a high risk to fall. No matter what the
cause is, Advance At Home Physical Therapy has been effective in treating fall related

Before creating a routine tailored to address your needs, your physical therapist will ask you a
series of questions about your condition. These questions will address any medications you are
taking, amount of times you fell, the condition that is causing the balance problems and more.
After determining why you are having trouble with your balance, your physical therapist will work
with you on reducing your risk of falling. This may include footwear or household items that
negatively affects your balance or household items.

Serving the Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, & Manhattan communities, Advance at Home prides itself
on providing each patient with personalized care from an experienced professional. We are the
only in-home provider that is owned and operated by a board certified geriatric specialist. If you
have any questions, email us at or call (516) 399-0051.

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