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Easy Ways to Increase Flexibility

One of the first signs of aging that we will all come to notice at a certain time in our lives will be increased joint or muscle stiffness. There will come a day when you find it difficult to get out of bed without first enduring a certain degree of pain while you wait for this stiffness to subside. If that day has already come for you, we urge you to contact us at Advance At Home Physical Therapy to start taking advantage of the best at home physical therapy on Long Island today.

Stretches To Increase Flexibility

The knowledge and skill that our team offers in helping patients increase their flexibility through stretching is extensive. We will work closely with you throughout our process of providing at home physical therapy on Long Island by gaining a complete understanding of your pain and using that information to devise a treatment plan that is guaranteed to get you moving with more ease than you have felt in years. What follows is a list containing the variety of stretches that you can expect to complete as you receive at home physical therapy on Long Island:

  • Ballistic Stretching – using your body’s natural momentum to push your joints beyond their normal range of motion.
    • Standing Toe Touches
    • Elevated Hamstring Stretches
  • Dynamic Stretching – quick movements designed to gently push your joints to their limit before being relieved.
    • Arm Circles
    • Leg Swings
  • Isometric Stretching – Tensing up your muscles as a way of creating natural resistance as you stretch them.
    • Stretching your calf while standing against a wall
    • Having your leg held up by a physical therapist while you try to bring it back down to the ground

Manual Therapy for Increased Flexibility

In addition to the hands-on exercises that we will provide you with, we will also utilize manual therapy techniques to help you reach your goal of living without joint or muscle stiffness. Physically manipulating the stiff joint or muscle is a great way to promote healing because it increases localized blood flow and ensures that your entire musculoskeletal system is in proper alignment.

Get In Touch With Us

Living with joint or muscle stiffness can be difficult, but we here at Advance At Home Physical Therapy have garnered enough experience providing at home physical therapy on Long Island to know that there are easy ways of increasing your flexibility, and we are always ready to help you learn them. Contact us today to get started!

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