Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehab

At Home Physical Therapy for Cardiac Rehab Patients in Nassau County


Cardiac Rehab by Definition

Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) focuses on the rehabilitation and recovery from heart attacks and other heart-related ailments (surgery, disease). Treatment can be done through regularly visiting a physician and at home physical therapy in Nassau County. Chest discomfort, shortness of breath, and nausea are a few of the symptoms that can be signs of heart disease.   


Options for Treatment

The overall goal of cardiac rehab is to improve the patient’s health and to ultimately help them recover from heart conditions. This process can be done through various activities, such as exercise training, emotional support, and a healthier diet regimen. Typically, a personalized and unique plan will be developed for a specific patient, with the goal being an improvement in overall heart health. If you’re looking to pursue at home physical therapy in Nassau County, you may be able to obtain these improvements:

    • Recovery of lost strength
    • Staving off your condition
    • Reducing the risk of future ailments
    • Improvement of quality of life   

Recommendations for Cardiac Rehab at Home Physical Therapy

In the majority of cases, a patient’s regular physician will recommend when they should be receiving physical therapy through at home treatment for a certain condition. In the case of cardiac rehab, the APTA advocates for the coverage of physical therapy to treat heart conditions. If you’re thinking about pursuing at home physical therapy, those in Nassau County should take the following into consideration:

    • Easy access, especially for those who may need to travel far or are physically unable to drive.
    • Safe and recognizable environment, some patients can feel intimidated by visiting doctor’s offices or hospitals.
    • Developing a stronger relationship with your physician, welcoming someone into your home creates a sense of familiarity and comfort.  
    • Skipping the line at the doctor’s office and having them come to you immediately can certainly feel more convenient.

Recommendations for Physical Therapy in General

Physical therapy in itself is an outstanding way of improving not only your heart but your overall health as a whole. The benefits of the process can include the following:

    • An alternative to surgery.
    • Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle.
    • A daily routine to follow.
    • Reducing and potentially eliminating pain and suffering caused by your condition.


If you are interested in at home physical therapy in Nassau County please contact our team, Advance at Home Therapy, at (516) 399-0051.

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