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At Home Physical Therapy for Stroke On Long Island

While every stroke is different, there are several common after effects. Patients who have had a stroke may suffer from weakness or paralysis, vision and perception issues, and pain or odd sensations depending on the part of the brain that was effected and the severity of the stroke. If you are looking for at home physical therapy on Long Island, Advance at Home Physical Therapy can help you with your specific needs. Our physical therapists aim to boost the independence and wellness of our clients in the comfort of their own homes.

How Can Physical Therapy Help Stroke Victims?

Physical therapists can help stroke victims during their recovery process. After a stroke, it is very common for victims to lose some function and movement. The damage to the brain affects the control it has to the rest of the body. Our therapists help our patients strengthen their muscles to help them walk, stand, or complete other activities. We do so by educating our patients of corrective exercises to help gain balance and coordination.  

How can Occupational Therapy Help Stroke Victims?

Stroke victims may have difficulty completing daily activities such as getting dressed in the morning, brushing your teeth, or even grabbing a water bottle. Our occupational therapists can help stroke victims learn strategies to complete those tasks again. We help improve sensory and mobility capabilities that have been damaged due to the stroke.  The exercises we teach help the brain regain control as well as regain muscle control.

Importance of Stretching and Repetition After a Stroke

After a stroke, muscles can become tight. Regularly stretching can help prevent joint contracture and muscle shortening. Our at home physical therapy for stroke on Long Island emphasizes the importance of repetition when participating in these exercises. Repetition helps speed up the recovery process. Repetitive practice helps create new connections to the brain and restore the movement in your body. If you are looking for at home physical therapy for stroke on Long Island, contact us today for more information!

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