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Home Care benefits, especially during the winter

Physical therapy is a process of recovery that requires dedication and hard work in order to make your rehabilitation process as quick and effective as possible. For some, mobility is highly hindered and getting from your bed to the physical therapist’s office seems almost as hard as performing your physician’s exercises. Once you factor in ice and snow for this winter, getting to your physical therapist can definitely be stressful. That’s why taking advantage of the benefits that physical therapy house calls in Suffolk County have to offer is so important for your health.


There are many benefits that home care offers a patient and how it can be just as effective as going to a physical therapist’s office:


  • Reduced commute – because many who are in need of physical therapy aren’t very mobile to begin with, a commute just adds unneeded stress into an already stressful situation. Instead of having family, friends or yourself make a trip to a physical therapist, an at-home physical therapist can come to your home instead.


  • Risk of accidents – with winter being here, ice and snow are abundant for the next few months. This factors in the increased risk of slipping and falling and, especially if you’re already injured, an accident like that will worsen the injury. At-home physical therapy automatically eliminates a chance of another casualty occurring.


  • Needed advice – an added advantage of physical therapy house calls in Suffolk County is that the physical therapist can actually assess your living environment. Whether it’s something as simple as rearranging furniture or adding safety objects, physical therapists know what causes injuries and how incidents related to falling can be avoided.


This winter, an at-home physical therapist in Suffolk County allows you to get the care you need without the stress of possibly injuring yourself on the commute to the office. Advance At Home Physical Therapy covers all of Long Island with any injuries you have from the safety of your own home.


For more information of services we provide and why at-home physical therapy is right for you, contact us today!


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