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Winter Falling

During the winter months, it’s important to make sure you take the proper precautions to avoiding slipping and possibly injuring yourself. According to the National Safety Council, 8.9 million people are sent to the ER as a result of slip and fall incidents. In addition, there are almost 25,000 fatalities a year as result of falling. To make matters worse, older people are at a much higher risk of injury from falling, with individuals over the age of 55 is four times as likely to hurt themselves to slipping. These statistics present the concerns of winter environments and how they can hurt us. Due to the poor weather, physical therapy house calls in Queens not only are convenient for patients but can also help avoid the risk of injury from falling.


With the following data shown, it’s crucial to take preventative steps in avoiding injuring yourself this snowy season.


  • Give yourself time – if the commute to work is going to be difficult, allow enough time for you to get where you need to be. The chance of falling injuries is heightened when you’re rushing and late for something.
  • Plan alternative routes – choosing the safest paths to your workplace, both driving and walking, will help you avoid the risk of injury. If the sidewalk you usually use is icy, choose an alternative route to the building or ask someone to remove the snow and ice.
  • Get rid of snow immediately – if you let snow fester on your porch, driveway, and sidewalk, it has the possibility of icing over and can be dangerous. Be sure to shovel the snow immediately and, if it has already iced over, take proper steps to melting the ice.
  • Keep your hands free – your arms and hands can provide balance if you lose your footing. Restrain yourself from keeping your hands in your pockets or from carrying large supplies when walking over icy surfaces.


Winter has many hazards that should be regarded to avoid possible incidents. If you’re currently suffering from an injury and are concerned that the icy conditions increase your risk of falling, physical therapy house calls in Queens help you recover from your current pain, while also eliminating the anxiety of possibly slipping on a trip to your clinic.


If you’re looking for information on physical therapy house calls in Queens and Long Island and the benefits that they can provide, contact Advance at Home Physical Therapy today!


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